The most beautiful things

Holy schnikie! (newest vocabulary I’ve learned)

Took me days to edit those photos due to series of technical difficulties and challenges. Took me an entire day to figure out the way that works under my current settings…!

First of all, I’m still running Tiger on my white MacBook of three years with its original spec (Ram is only a bit more than 1GB) which is loaded with several heavy audio softwares along with Adobe Suite, then some random big files. The HD had about 15GB space left to use but apparently, editing high resolution RAW files from one of the newest camera was a hell of work for him.

There are several image editing softwares that I could use on my computer but those photos being NEF files (raw file format for my Nikon D3100), I had to download Adobe’s freeware to convert them into .dng files with little loss in quality so that I could open them up in older Photoshop I have. However, since that converter somehow decided NOT to work with me no more at one point that without an option I started editing those NEF files using ViewNX2 which came with the camera. But that eventually started to crush when the editing mode was in use for longer straight hours so that forced me to organize all over my HD and uninstall/reinstall those editing softwares but still without a luck. Gladly however, after giving my computer some rest and when I tried importing the data refreshingly right off of the SD card again little by little, the converter started to work okay.

The bottom line is…. don’t take technology for granted! and be gentle with computers. They are just like us people. You can’t put too much strain on them. Know its capacity and give them a good rest accordingly!

Anyhow, so I did this photo shoot last Sunday. It’s my friend, Kazumi, a very experienced super sitter and her current client’s gorgeous baby girls. Yes… they are identical twin!

Being a first time shooting for babies/kids ever since I started this manual SLR thing, the entire thing was a total new experience in a sense that those gals never EVER stay in the same posture for more than a second (seriously…) except for the time they were eating or put back into the stroller when they got tired of playing for hours.

Sadly though, it was her historical last day to work for them after 18 months. I’d like to thank here to Kazumi & baby’s parents, for letting me join on a special day. It was truly my honor to take their photos. Ya’ll see why…!


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