Monthly Archives: November 2011

Problem Solving Technique #1: Keep Trying

Ohh Myyy Goooahd. After weeks of emotional suffer, the system finally let me upload images once again.

Til just now, I kept getting errors uploading images of any sizes here on wordpress, saying that “the file is empty, please upload something substantial”. Came to realize that I only needed to use “browser uploader” instead of “multi-uploader” to fix this problem.


Trying to build rigid photo website now…

October Snow

The unexpected “October snow”Β in Tri-state area last weekend was such a bummer for a lot of us for different reasons I’m sure. Unexpected things are, however, always great targets for photography! But by the time I was ready to take photos of lightly accumulated snow on yet-to-fall-leaves outside, the snow was already turning into sleet, and then to water for the most part.

On the next day, though, the remainder were beautifully falling off from everywhere! Shining like a diamond… πŸ™‚