My Latest Babe – Spice Grinder by KRUP

For the last couple of months, I’ve been cooking alot, especially due to my recent obsession of trying out different grains, and flavored oil, and its creative use of it. My inspiration for cooking comes from different things but one of the thing I do frequently is to assimilate some dishes I’ve tried outside in my own way and it usually comes out quite different from what I’ve actually had or what I initially intended to make but in a good way. I just enjoy the process of it.

So this time, I went to this Japanese macrobiotic restaurant in SoHo, Souen, with a couple of my friends and tried out house made vegetarian curry! Its sauce was based on tahini and coconut milk and seasoning was almost transparent – very very light. And oh, almost forgot, the curry goes over quinoa/burlgur/barley!

In the next morning, the first thing I thought of was that very curry that I had and then I immediately thought of the Panch Phoran – the Bengali spice blend (fenugreek, Nigella seed, cumin seed, mustard seeds, fennel seed) I bought from the grocery store and my latest “kick-ass” kitchen weapon, KRUP’s spice grinder!

So I decided to cook with whatever I had because I was too anxious to eat.

– water

– ground sesame

– curry powder

– ground panch phoran

– ground penuts

– pumpkun seed oil

– salt

– sweet potato syrup from can

– carrots & broccoli (only veggie I had home…)


It actually didn’t come out too well because I put too much of panch phoran stuff and got all too bitter.

Well, lessons learned.


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