Halloween Party ’11

At the nursery school in Harlem. It was the craziest, the funniest halloween I’ve attended ever! And it was alot to learn that day.

One of the thing I’ve learned was that 3 year-olds generally move faster than my Nikon lens (55-200mm zoom)’s auto-focus speed. To make the situation even worse, it was a high-density situation, where tons of kids gathered in one room, doing all the craziest moves. So whenever I find a target and tried to aim at it with my camera, there’s always some kids come jump right in between my camera and the target by the time I press the shutter button. So after a while, I stopped aiming specific individual or event and instead, had my camera ready to shoot a certain space of the room and just waited til somebody come pops in, which worked great to capture some individual actions in a high-density room situation like this.

Saddest thing is that I accidentally deleted a lot of the pictures from this shooting by mistake… Well, things always happen.


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