End of The Year

So 2011 is finally ending soon. It was fairly good year in a sense that there were series of transitions in my life… or it’s more like I could feel some notable internal shifts within myself in order to push my life forward to the “right  direction”. Yet I am keenly aware that I’m in need of gaining “unconditional” focus and courage in my life to achieve my any goals but I’m still working on that part.

Anyhow, I’ve been quite lazy updating this blog lately. Mainly because I’ve been quite lazy editing the photos I took. I still haven’t even touched my Thanksgiving photos 😦

Below are the photos of NYC based wonderful singer-songwriter, Shelly Wade, from her Christmas concert on the 23rd in Brooklyn. (Thanks for inviting me Katie*)

This was also my first take using external flash I recently purchased [Nikon Speedlight SB-600]. But I really need to learn well about how to shoot moving subject under the dim lighting like this without distracting existing mood of it.



2 thoughts on “End of The Year

    • Katie!
      YEs, like I was sayin, I got screwed up for the first part where you were singing by adjusting the lighting etc and they didn’t come out good but let me email you!

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