Unexpected guests

We knew they have been there for a couple of weeks by then. Somewhere in the kitchen. But finally caught them alive!

How those tiny ones (they were much smaller than I expected) trapped inside this tall sleek kitchen trash box that’s got a lid is still a mystery but I guess that’s how one of them injured one of his leg.

They looked so much like the hamsters I used to have when I was little. Just those two wild mice I captured appeared much more agile and instinctive than those hamsters I once had, or any of those “on sale” at pet shops. It is utterly pathetic that hamsters get fed well and can even receive medical care by a professional animal doctor whereas those mice are always the target of extermination in every household. I guess it’s just like those difference between dogs/cats and cows/pigs/chicken. A lot of people go crazy when dogs/cats get mistreated in different ways but nobody (well, except some activists) makes a fuss out of me eating pork ribs or baffalo chicken wings in this country or many others.

Well, it’s time for us to live more consciously!


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