FRom July 2012…Rockaway beach.

Here’s some song I wrote a little while ago.

When I am with you,
it feels like time has stopped
When I am with you,
I don’t care
About the past or future, right or wrong
Don’t you worry I am with you now

You and I
You and I
You and I
You and I, you and I you and I just you and I

I don’t care about a thing
When I’m with you, with you


Here’s some random thoughts;

If, just as everything on this planet so is every substance in this universe, we humans are to have simply made with atoms, which ultimately is some stardust from well beyond our sense of time, and for all to ultimately follow “the system” of universe in which everything is relative, with its “rhythm”, does that mean that even our seemingly “free-flowing” consciousness is governed by its system (i.e. the magnetic pull that happens accordingly to its constellation)?

How about our emotions? Over the course of evolution, our genes have always left out what’s no longer efficient for self-survival and for reproduction. Why are we, the most dominant creatures on this planet, kept most emotional of all the others?

What if you long for something so strong from your soul? What if your heart is torn in pain to physical dysfunctional? What if you are in self-denial and you stop living in present and choose to lose your consciousness for prolonged years? What about the pain we feel? To a greater level, to death? Does it affect its system (of universe) somewhere somehow in physical domain outside this planet? At all? Or is it only a good reference for us to measure its magnificent scale of universe we are part of, and some teaching for us to know our fleeting being?

It’s easy to believe in what we can see, what we can touch. I used to strictly believe in materialism but could it possibly be the other way around? – every substance and energy in this universe ultimately be a mere representation of what we cannot see or touch, i.e. the lives within?

In a meantime, yoshi is wondering if miss panda iz still around…doin her thangg



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