Monthly Archives: December 2013

I had the weirdest dream this morning.

A dream where Billy Joel spoke Chinese non-stop as if he was a native speaker. Left all of us astounded.


Photos; a “crazy” electronic musician, Andy and his space.

All by Mamiya rz67 with Leaf digital back (Aptus-II). Just for fun…


A message to 60 year-old Yoshi

Mingling with different folks may be entertaining.


Having a heated argument over some topic of my interest with somebody who shares similar or different views may be exciting and fulfilling.


I can’t seem to enjoy listening to music the same way I usually do right now. It’s just distracting.


I mean, focusing.


After all, at the end of the day,


all I think of is,




However! 2013 is about to move on.


So am I.


Am I?

Snow day

I’ve left out this blog for long again. Thought of moving it to else where but I guess I’m going to keep up with this blog here at least for now. It’s been some years since its start and the blog has been very personal and cozy place for me though it rarely gets updated. Somehow I’m too attached to this virtual space to just let it die out. Yes, it was snowing yesterday. All day long. And I was chillin home with my new babe, Mamiya rz67 along with rented Nikon D4 for a little while. _DSC8881_c L_004486L_004517_DSC8946_DSC8963L_004519L_004522L_004508_copyL_004497L_004481_DSC8858