I’m having an exceptional extended weekend. Like, really good one.

Beautiful bright light bouncing off the water, shining through the tree branches, through  the deep green lake.

Awesome cocktails made by a pro, authentic home made dishes one after another.

Reading books, jogging, swimming, water skiing, kayaking etc. Oh yeah beautiful music, too.

I’m laughing. I’m smiling.

But at the end of the day, I still miss you.

While I don’t see you in every object that I see like I used to, I still think of you in every beautiful moment I encounter.

By now I truly know that all my feeling will eventually go away with time and knowing of it initially provided me such comfort and relieved my pain. But now I think of it, it’s kind of sad that everything in life must eventually pass by time following its “universal rule”, even those most intensive, loving kind I had. Well, resiliency might be the very thing I am talking about here – it’s truly a gift for every life.

Too bad that I didn’t bring a 4×5 camera nor my 35mm Pentax film with me.



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