Kodak Porta 400

Aand this is with color neg, Kodak Porta 400. Supposedly this is the “world’s finest grain” at 400 speed. Whatever that is. Cool. Cool.

I just LOVE the color rendition of this film. I’d like to say it’s very “Japanese”! haha – regarding its depth, mood, and its subtleness.

As for the upper edge of blueish vignette-like effect – I’m not too sure what that is but I think that’s how the shades of the sky naturally looked like. But also very possibly the film processing went through uneven. Idk.

Another note for this film would be its price – quite pricy… I mean, for some sheets of film! I didn’t initially check its price that I almost returned it to the shelf when when I found out its price at the register. But I’m very happy with its quality.




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