Thing 1:

Sometimes I get bothered by seemingly very small things, like artificial lights. Like, florescent light on the ceiling or whatever generated by the electricity.

Thing 2:

Black lives matter. All lives matter.

Does our lives even matter in the first place? I mean, yes? yes?

Thing 3:

More often than not, those ceaseless “technological advancement” that get instantly integrated in our society, as if necessary, as if it’s a smart thing to do, bothers me. Those latest digital technologies and the fast changing forms of our life style that correspond to it really isn’t making anything anything better or efficient as a whole society.

Thing 4:

I live in America. I know Americans generally live up for social justice and strive to rationalize matters because in America, we don’t have traditions that originated in the land and persisted after a long period of times beyond conventional logic. Little bit of old stuffs and little bit of new stuffs would be perfect. Just need to find that sweet spot that balance things out.

Thing 5:

I hate the idea of hourly wage. The sense of converting your time into money. That just somehow makes me feel really bad. Especially when the wage is on the lower side.

Thing 6:

Talking of Japan, I don’t think people’s life is any better or more efficient or more sophisticated today than in Edo era. Or whatever. Like, whatever.

Thing 7:

My conjuncture goes that humans today most likely suffers just as much as they did back in some millennium years ago. Just in a different way.

Thing 8

I hate to keep thinking. What was the purpose of evolution of our brain part to think? How does it help us exactly?

Ok, now I’m goin bed. Bye!

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