13 years of roots

We finally decided to let go of our “trumpet tree” (Brugmansia, says wiki) after having them blossom every year with its lovely scent for more than a decade. The root was deep and beautiful.



iPhone Memo Drawings

“Sent by iPhone”



There exists a system for god’s sake. Complexity of it is quite an art.

voltage towerelectrical wire電圧塔electrical linesskylineselectrical wirecomplicatedperched_seagulls

What’s inside my head


Since I’ve gotten used to the winter in NYC, autumn/winter in Tokyo feels very mild.

pondpond carpemaplepampas grassJapanese park

schketch – unfinished

How come I never get to keep the same glasses for more than a couple of years? My mom uses the same one for well over a decade…! pencil sketch


mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the famous of all?

internet artist ain’t shit, but I’m feelin so legit – $waggot

枯葉film city lightpampas grassjapanese pampas grassnight pampas grass