Alternative World

Go Purple

If we had another planet like the Earth that inherited such environmental capacity to nurture lives, which I assume there is (yesh I do), their plants may look like this.

And once its civilization reach to a certain maturity level like the Earth’s counterpart, it starts to “cost” its mother nature. Time to go purple for them.  ….my imagination runs wild!!!



Street is filled with seasonal change. Always!

wildernessvineback gardenwhite leafpickup_truckpoking_flowerrice_fieldhedge


As we are all aware, human world, by nature, has always been hugely flawed. By contrast, it’s amazing how perfectly perfect the world of plants is. It’s that perfect beauty for which I press the shutter without a thought.

red flowerplantblue forestblack flowercherry blossomwild plant

Phytoplankton’s Grave

Red tide at night.

Quite delusional…

@ Yuigahama with no tripod…! 😥

Yet I ended up shooting approx. 800 photos total of this :’)


red tide


red tide at night


red tide at night



Spring Flowers

Roses are red, violets are blue

I’m feeling like shit and so are you


Night has come, the moon is so bright

I’m feeling alright and so are you



Again, at the beach and around my house.


Color is in the eyes of the beholder

What would the reasons be, for us to see colors?

If not for the beauties for us to see?


Taken around Shonan area, Japan.

plantwhite_flowerplantbeachbeachbushbeach trail