It’s been a while since I’ve shot a person. I notice how much I enjoy taking photos of people…!

Here’s one and only, J-horror poetry reader ルネ・シェヴィリコフスキさん @ Koenji.
looking downsakuraspringportraitportraitslide at parkj-horrorspringsurprisetranceman in dusk


13 years of roots

We finally decided to let go of our “trumpet tree” (Brugmansia, says wiki) after having them blossom every year with its lovely scent for more than a decade. The root was deep and beautiful.


iPhone Memo Drawings

“Sent by iPhone”



There exists a system for god’s sake. Complexity of it is quite an art.

voltage towerelectrical wire電圧塔electrical linesskylineselectrical wirecomplicatedperched_seagulls

What’s inside my head


Since I’ve gotten used to the winter in NYC, autumn/winter in Tokyo feels very mild.

pondpond carpemaplepampas grassJapanese park

schketch – unfinished

How come I never get to keep the same glasses for more than a couple of years? My mom uses the same one for well over a decade…! pencil sketch