My brother’s lovely self-portrait painting from his 7th grade. And few photos from the 90s when black&white disposable camera was trendy in my school.


Portrait of Meee

Digitally photographed by Haruko. Partially colored/cropped by me. Oh boy, so much better than self-portrait! I am not doing self-portrait again. Kudos to Haruko!


Island of Taketomi

I stopped by at another island nearby when I went to Okinawa for Yuri’s wedding in late April. The island seemed to have changed alot for the past decades/century but still, it was full of adventure and lives. As if nature would strike up a conversation with me everywhere I went!

“hey yoshi, welcome to our paradise…!!!”

Yuri gets married

My buddy Yuri had a wedding this past April on the island of Ishigaki. Geez… now I realize how English language no longer just flow out of me like it used to as I write.
No that’s not these photos are about.
Yuri’s wedding was genuine, low-key, and beautiful! Just like herself.
Their unique Okinawan style dresses made it quite memorable.

Artsy Day

Colors appear much more colorful when spelled as “colours.” Or is that just me?